Request Inspector


The Request Inspector is a transparent and accessible tool designed for public and private use.
In real-time, users can examine incoming HTTP requests. This tool is suitable for developers, testers, and curious individuals, as it provides a comprehensive breakdown of request data, response information, and processing times for public APIs and web services.
Public Private
Max History items 100 250
History Retention 2 days 10 days
Visibility Anyone (direct link)
Password protect
Owner (sign in)
Share link
Rate limit 20 req/sec
Size limit 64 KB

Probe (βeta)

Attain end-to-end visibility into RESTful interactions with the versatile Probe Inspector, designed for seamless integration with applications.
It forwards requests to remote REST API, providing comprehensive information about both the request and its corresponding response.
The Probe Inspector focuses on debugging, testing, and monitoring to identify issues, test performance, and ensure the reliability of API communications.
Probe schema