Probe (βeta)

Probe service is an internet service designed to enhance transparency and understanding of API interactions by providing users with detailed insights into REST requests and responses.

Users can access a web-based dashboard to view detailed information about each intercepted request and its corresponding response. The dashboard provides a user-friendly interface, displaying the data in an easily understandable format.

How does it work?

Request Capture

The service acts as a middleware, intercepting incoming REST requests. It captures essential details such as the HTTP method, headers, payload, and endpoint of the incoming request. Proxy to Service: Once the request details are captured, the service seamlessly proxies the request to another designated service or API endpoint. It ensures that the original request is efficiently forwarded without any compromise in data integrity.

Response Logging

The service logs comprehensive information about the response received from the proxied service. This includes HTTP status codes, response headers, and the content of the response payload. User-Friendly Dashboard:

Use case

Debugging and Troubleshooting

Developers can use the service to identify and resolve issues in API interactions by examining the detailed request-response logs.

Performance Monitoring

System administrators can monitor the performance of API calls, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing overall system efficiency.

Compliance and Auditing

The service aids in compliance by providing a comprehensive audit trail of API interactions, supporting regulatory requirements.